Few pictures of the Pink H2 and Escalade limos

December 11, 2008

Our next and newest limo has arrived. After the Pink Hummer H2, we ordered a brand new Pearl White Escalade limousine which has just arrived and is also ready for service in the Tampa/Clearwater vicinity. The Escalade is a very classy limousine from the outside but the interior is almost as wild as the Pink H2! We’ll save pictures of the Escalade limo for another time, just give you a peek of the exterior for now. If you’re planning a wedding or prom, the Insane Limos Escalade limo is a perfect choice.

escalade & pink h2 limo
This exotic limousine features custom 22″ Asanti Rims and Custom Grille Inserts.

escalade & pink h2 limo 2

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