Few pictures of the Pink H2 and Escalade limos

December 11, 2008

Our next and newest limo has arrived. After the Pink Hummer H2, we ordered a brand new Pearl White Escalade limousine which has just arrived and is also ready for service in the Tampa/Clearwater vicinity. The Escalade is a very classy limousine from the outside but the interior is almost as wild as the Pink H2! We’ll save pictures of the Escalade limo for another time, just give you a peek of the exterior for now. If you’re planning a wedding or prom, the Insane Limos Escalade limo is a perfect choice.

escalade & pink h2 limo
This exotic limousine features custom 22″ Asanti Rims and Custom Grille Inserts.

escalade & pink h2 limo 2

Welcome to That Pink Limo!

October 29, 2008

Welcome to our brand new site, That Pink Limo! Soon, you will see exactly what we created this website for our 2009 Pink Hummer H2 Limo. This limo should be completed shortly and available for us in the Tampa, Clearwater, Pinellas Park, Tarpon Springs and surrounding areas including Orlando! The reason behind the name is that everytime you see our eye catching Barbie pink H2 limo, you’ll be saying “that pink limo!” It’s something that will catch the eyes of many in the Southwest Florida vicinity, without a doubt.

If you’d like to reserve our Pink H2 Limo for your upcoming event, prom, wedding or anything you can dream up, please visit our reserve our pink h2 limo page or give us a call @ 1-888-91-LIMOS and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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